dp - How to change your facebook profile picture?

How to change your facebook profile picture?

Clickbait. Gotcha!  😉 

 Well, since you’re already here. I’ve got this shitty excuse for a list with random mumbo-jumbo that your brain is not even going to register. If these tips offend you, maybe you should not have watched too many Disney movies when you were younger. That being said, let us begin the list, mate.

   1) Make sure that you are not ugly 

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Aite.. I know. You already are and it’s not your fault. It’s your parents but… The latter

steps help you just tackle that so don’t worry. I have no clue how lists work now.

Thanks to you. 

 2) Get those harry potter magic wands ready

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And I do understand that if you are a guy and straight this option is pretty much out of the question

unless you’re gay or good at stealing your girlfriend’s makeup. But still, our third entry comes to the rescue. 

 3) Call your metrosexual closeted bisexual photographer friend (monkey with a DSLR) 

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If you can’t afford him or find him around, you can try that iPhone fag instead.. shit

has okay-ish

camera, I guess. 

 4) Apply them filters 

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Get it? Filters? Get it? Get it? No? Die then. 

   5) Choose a caption (the more it doesn’t make sense, the better )

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 6) Upload the shit and wait for the likes to blow up (must ignore anyone who comments for a while to appear more scarce)

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 Conditional Step 7) Chances are you are way too hideous to be seen in public, in that case, try something creative. 

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You can choose to confuse people with creative props or angles or you may take photos in a group or at an angle where it is less obvious that you are hideous. 


Note: This article is not a satire and is to be taken seriously. You may choose to get offended by it. 

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Aite.. it’s 4..30ish am … Mon 3:59 .. October 16.. 

Also I do admit that.. that featured photo .. has nothing whatsoever.. to do with the post ..

But hear me out, I’s got’s something really substantial to say…

most probably not though 

Yeah, I know. The fuck does it even matter? … Need to reach the hospital at  like 8… am..  and here I don’t fucking feel like sleeping because I want to read this shiny JS book. 

On a side note,  JS sucks. And it’s not even that serious of a programming language. Fuck my life. The day I thought …  And I do understand why these fags who need to feel important with their intellectual masturbation pretend that it’s any fun with their vims and C’s. Nobody gives a shit about them. They have to do something to kill their time and feel important .. I understand…

 But meh… Do something else with your life. Like, be that faggot with the camera.. the DLSR thingy.. DSLR I mean.. the fuck I care what it’s called? Why is it even named that? 

Don’t answer though. Forgot to bring the care.  

Like it’s fucking way more rewarding. You’ll have way more friends that way… Everybody likes that sophisticated looking faggot with long hair who might someday take pretty pictures of them and apply fuck ton of filter so that you look like fucking Brad Pitt… Megan Foxx or something… 

And don’t let the bullshit about a huge paycheck fool you. You can earn just as much shoving elephant shit… with much more fulfilling work life …

The fuck am I talking about? I need to sleep or read… or something.. but fuck you.. need to go 


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Fuck you…