java servlet

What the fuck is a java servlet?


Remember Java’s write once, run anywhere bullshit? Run anywhere…  Yeah, well Java programs can run on anything that has JVM. A toaster with JVM can run Java. An iPhone without it cannot. TAKE THAT JAVA! Well, it hasn’t stopped java developers to develop apps on iPhone using Java though. You see, this magical JVM thingy works and is fast enough because it is written in C/C++ for that specific OS. But the fucking pointers suck the life out of you so let’s stick to Java for now. 



As you’ve noticed I’ve just beat around the bush and haven’t still answered what the fuck Java Servlet is till now. Well, what if you wanted to leave the comfort of your desktop and mobile phone and wanted to develop apps for the good OL‘ web. Could you still do that? Now, what fun is it … if a language claims to run everywhere and can’t even run on the web. That would suck, right? 

Well for all the Java evangelists, the good news is that Java comes with full-fledged Servlet API which lets you build web apps without much hassle, unlike non-standard CGI thingy that Java used to have which we are not going to talk about because fuck it. 



Think of a Servlet as a Java program or a Java class that is executed within the scope of Servlet containers (or web containers). You must be thinking, hold on their chief? What the fuck is a Web container now? Shit like Tomcat, Jetty etc. allow handling client requests and server responses and they are Web containers. 

Servlets use GET and POST request thingies to be able to snatch data from users. They can handle session and cookies thingies. They can process the motherfucking data and output the data in both text and binary formats such as XML, HTML, pdf, gif etc. They may use a thingy called JSP in many cases which we’ll talk about some other time.