Anime FAQs

Anime FAQs

So, when we first think about animes, the first thing to come to our mind is Dragon Ball Z. There are many animes that the anime community in any society watches and enjoy. Some of the most popular animes are Naruto, One Piece, Avatar, Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist.

When talking about animes, there is normally 3 kind of people. One who watches animes. Next one who watches anime and reads the manga. And finally, one who hates watching anime and takes it as the equivalent of the cartoon. I watch anime and read their manga too. So let’s have a look at animes from my perspective.


What is an anime?

Anime is a style of either a hand-drawn or a computer-based animation originating in and associated with Japan. The word anime is the Japanese term of animation, which includes all forms of animated media. It is pronounced “Annie-May”.

Why is anime considered different from the cartoon?

No matter how you look at it, an anime is a cartoon.

So why does watching cartoon symbolize being childish and watching anime does not?

It’s simple. When you look at an American or any other country’s cartoon, what do you think is the storyline? What relation does episode 1 and episode 2 of a cartoon even have? Tom & Jerry, Powerpuff Girls, etc are the typical cartoons that you grew up with. Can the episodes of any two episodes continuous? No, the episodes are not even a bit relatable except the characters. When you compare it to anime, it has the same continued storyline over the whole season just like a CW Series that you watch in HBO, like Game of Thrones, The Flash, etc.

If you watch anime, it does show your childish nature. But it also shows that you are more inclined towards watching a story unfold instead of a no-brainer show that only knows to make you laugh.

What are the genres in Anime?

Anime has a lot of genres to watch from like:

  1. Action
  2. Comedy/Slice-of-Life
  3. Drama/Tragedy
  4. Psychological
  5. History
  6. Mecha/Military
  7. Supernatural/Magic
  8. Romance

Is it okay for kids to watch Animes?

It depends. Some Animes, yes. Others, definitely not. Check out the content notes of the reviews. The CD box normally has a print on the back with age recommendation.

Why is there so much nudity even in kids shows?

Firstly, Japanese attitude about nudity is far less strict than those in the US. So it is not entirely uncommon to see nudity in anime. Though the context is rarely erotic in animes targeted for children. But still the animes are rated, so R-Rated is not for children just like any other movie.

What’s with the huge eyes?

It’s not some kind of Asian inferiority complex. The foundation of Anime is Astro Boy TV series created by Osamu Tezuka. It had those huge eyes. It was the most popular anime at that time and the style kind of stuck.

Why do the characters keep saying English words?

English in Japan is considered cool among youngsters just like French in the US. There are a lot of English words borrowed into Japanese as well. So in most cases, it’s just because of a common word with an English root.