What font to use for your next presentation?

What font to use for your next presentation? There are too many fonts out there in the wild. If you look at the drop-down menu of your word processor, there are a wide variety of fonts. And if you further go down the internet font rabbit hole, your options are limitless.

DOTA 2 v/s League of Legends(in-depth comparison)

Gamers like us have at least once made this comparison or something like this. Maybe DOTA vs League, or PUBG vs Fortnite, or CS GO vs Call of Duty, etc. I’m a gamer that wants to try out as many games as possible and I’ve tried many games. And by many, I mean most of […]

DOTA 2 v/s League of Legends

Okay, so this has been a really burning and most debated topic among the online gaming community. Half of the people believe that DOTA 2 is better than League of Legends and the other half believe the contradiction. Since I am also a gamer, and I play both DOTA 2 and League of Legends, I’m […]

Top 5 good songs that you probably haven’t heard

In a world of hot 100s and top radio chart songs, we often miss some really good songs by artists that have a really small, loyal and niche fanbase. It’s not that these songs are not good but rather often due to marketing reasons go unheard by a more mainstream audience. So let’s list our top 5 songs that you probably haven’t heard.

Winter is ending, GoT season 8 first teaser is out

GoT’s first official teaser is out. The teaser is named “Crypts of Winterfell”. As for what this teaser entails, I would love you to experience that for yourself. HBO announced that the season premiere would be on April 14th. So, that would be three months from now. Please follow and like us:

Is programming the ‘English’ of the future?

Credit’s where credit is due. This post was inspired by someone from the non-IT field who wants to learn how to code. She particularly used the phrase “English of the future”. Borrowing from her, is programming the English of the future?

You will never be good enough and it’s okay

So, I was watching some coding videos trying to absorb as much information I can and got frustrated and stopped. Also, I got tired and sleepy and bored. There’s a limit to which a man can absorb information in a day. But then I came over this medium article. Now the article is in terms […]

Are aliens sending us mysterious signals?

New news has hit the interwebs. Apparently, some telescope in Canada received 13 high bursts of radio waves coming from 1.5 billion light years away.

3 reasons why you probably are not as smart

As human beings we love gossips. Another thing we love is to tell ourselves that we are the one who thinks rationally and everything else is stupid. Okay, might not be to that extent. But, you get what I’m trying to get at. We love commenting on everything. From the design of a motorcycle to the government policies.

Poetry, me and three things I have learned.

Well, what are the odds huh? Even a cracked up, twisted, zig-zag like me started poetry. Rather than being too poetic from start here in this post, I would like to share an experience about me swimming in the ocean of words. Butwal, the one and only place that comprises my accreditation for my start […]