reasons why you are not as smart as you think you are

3 reasons why you probably are not as smart

Well before I start listing the 3 reasons why you probably are not as smart you think you are, let’s set the premise.

As human beings we love gossips. Another thing we love is to tell ourselves that we are the one who thinks rationally and everybody else is stupid. Okay, might not be to that extent. But, you get what I’m trying to get at. We love commenting on everything. From the design of a motorcycle to the government policies.

Now, I get it. Freedom of speech. You have the right to be wrong. But, one thing I’ll ask is, have we made ourselves competent enough to talk about the subject matter. Now, I get it. Informal conversations are just that. They’re informal. They’re all over the places and it’s more about socialization rather than presentation of facts and figures. I get it.

All I want you to do is reflect and ponder if you’ve deluded yourself into believing that you’re smarter than you actually are. Well, the opposite might also be true. It’s called the “Hanuman effect” where the person doesn’t realize what they can achieve unless they’re constantly reminded of it.

1. Dunning Kruger effect

Dunning Kru what?

Okay. If you don’t know what Dunning Kruger effect is. It’s simple. It basically means people don’t know what they don’t know so they think they know a lot.

More formally, it’s an illusion of superiority that people with low abilities have where they fail to recognize their lack ability and think that it is greater than it is.

If we have to make it informal then someone at the urban dictionary writes “A condition where a person is so dumb, that he fails to realize how dumb he actually is. Frankly, lacking the competence to identify incompetence – often resulting is immense self-confidence”.

Now the opposite of it also tends to be true. In studies it was found out that competent people assumed tasks that were easy for them to perform were also easy for others to do so.

So, if you think that you are smarter than everyone. Maybe, you need some reality check. You probably are and you probably are not. Talk to more people. Expand your horizons. Try to know the things that you don’t know yet and would love to know. Don’t be that incompetent singer in idol shows who think s/he’s a great singer.

2. Superiority Complex

The Google dictionary defines it as “an attitude of superiority which conceals actual feelings of inferiority and failure.”

It basically refers to “I am greater than everyone else” attitude which comes from a place of deep-rooted insecurity. These people tend to believe that their views, their values, and beliefs are superior and more important. The kind of people that have to cut you off in conversation rather than offering any insight.

Superiority complex comes from a lack of emotional intelligence. We have to be aware of our emotions and aware of other people’s emotions and learn how to act according to get rid of both superiority and inferiorty complex.

3. Overconfidence

True confidence is when you know you have taken driving lessons, you have learned your basics. You’ve practiced enough. You know you can drive your vehicle to work without hitting anything.

Overconfidence is when you’ve only seen people driving and hit everyone on the way because you thought, how hard can it be? You not only injured yourself but others on the process.

Don’t be that project partner who assumes he is going to complete the task assigned to him in an hour or so and fails to deliver until the last minute. Maybe you’re just overestimating.

Being humble works everytime. Be humble, learn the things that you don’t know that you should in your trade. And, a reality check from time to time is a must. Listen more. Works like charm.

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