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3 ways to make that information stick in your brain!

Like it or not. Learning involves remembering a lot of things. You can be cramming for an exam or learning a new skill. But, you do have to depend on your memory in all cases. Now picking up a skill requires practice. And, repetition essentially means that you are training your long term memory to recognize a pattern. I’ll mention 3 ways to make that information stick in your brain!

1. Deliberate practice

Simply repeating something is not enough. People cooking all their lives can be shit cooks. And somebody with a couple of years of Chef training might be much better than that. Why does it happen? It’s probably not IQ? Because cooking would not require that much intelligence. It’s a simple skill that anybody can pick up.

Deliberate practice simply means you focus on things that are most important. If you are learning music, you practice the chords that you suck at. It’s a more focused practice where you practice the things that you need an improvement in.

It gets even better if you can have feedback from an expert.

2. Spaced repetition

Spaced repetition simply means that you simply space out your learning. Let’s say if you have to remember something for a longer time then the gap between when you learn the material and re-learn it again needs to be long enough.

3 ways to make that information stick in your brain! 1

Somewhere towards the end of the forgetting curve.

Apps like Memrise and Anki help you in spacing out your learning so you can have the information in your long term memory.

3. Test yourself

It’s easy to delude yourself into thinking that you know something when you don’t. Until and unless you test yourself, you’ll never know.

If you are preparing for an exam. Close your books. Get the questions ready, and try to answer them without looking at the material. If you can accomplish that, you’ll all set.

If you got stuck, evaluate where and why you got stuck. Now, it can also be applied to skills that you learning like sports.

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