AVENGERS ENDGAME: What are critics saying now and what happens after?

“AVENGERS ENDGAME” caused so much hype. Fandango had to make adjustments to its business model due to this movie. The tickets sold out in India so freaking fast. The tickets sold out in NEPAL so freaking fast. The hype has been crazy. It’s kind of understandable given that it’s been 10 years since that release of the first Ironman movie. Most of us were kids when that released. And Marvel, Russo Brothers, and everyone involved turned this movie into this massively ambitious project that sort of shows a conclusion to this journey.

What have critics been saying about this?

When I watch a movie, I try to get a gist of what critics have been saying about the movie. And, what the audience has been saying about it. There are bazillions of movies out there and you can’t watch everything. So, you kind of need to be picky.

Okay, there are exceptions to this rule, some movies I’d watch with bad ratings if recommended by someone special. Or, I’d watch a movie that’s so bad that it’s good.

*cough* The Room *cough* [known as the worst movie ever]

But, having good audience ratings and critical rating solidifies my motivation to watch any movie.

This movie is certified fresh on rotten tomatoes with a 97% approval ratings from the critics with almost 300 reviews. The audience approval rating is 92%. It is rated 9.2 on IMDB. And it has generally favorable reviews on Metacritic as well with an approval rating 78%.

The critics’ consensus at rotten tomatoes reads “Exciting, entertaining, and emotionally impactful, Avengers: Endgame does whatever it takes to deliver a satisfying finale to Marvel’s epic Infinity Saga.”

Youtube critics also seem to love it.

Anupama Chopra says “Director Anthony Russo and Joseph Russo tell us a story that has layers, quietude, a scale and above all grand emotion. There is earnestness here and euphoria. I wept. Not once, but many times.” She gave the film a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5.

Chris Stuckmann says that yes, there is fan service but they also have taken risks so it all fits. You can nitpick if you wanted to but the movie is fun. He gives the movie a rating of A-.

Jeremy Jahns says “It’s not literature like the Lord of The Rings but in its own right, it is damn impactful.”

Sucharita Tyagi from film companion says “The movie includes you in the conversation. It’s about feeling that when the hour of need presents itself maybe I could rise to the occasion and save my fellow humans as well.”

So, what happens after AVENGERS ENDGAME?

Marvel is now slowly will be moving towards something they call “phase 4”.

Spider-Man: Far From Home releasing in the first week of July 2019 will be the final movie of “Phase 3”.

So, we probably won’t see any announcements about phase 4 yet and it probably won’t start until 2020.

Finally, the long-awaited Black Widow solo movie is under development, and President Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios has confirmed Doctor Strange 2 for ‘some point in the future.’ For more Wakanda tales, Black Panther 2 brings director Ryan Coogler back to the MCU.

The rollercoaster ride that was the firing and re-hiring of James Gunn has delayed the film as far as the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 are concerned, but it is also in development.

Some actors are likely to stick around, but we expect major change, with characters dying or retiring (i.e. Sebastian Stan’s Bucky might be prepared to replace Captain America) and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man clearly set up as a central character as the MCU enters Phase 4.


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