The censorship of thoughts

In a democracy, people should be able to criticize their governments without fear. But, the truth is, quite on the contrary. Enter the vague bills that use vague language to keep the masses confused. People shouldn’t have to think twice before criticizing the big brother. I mean, we make fun of hidden “terms and conditions” […]

3 ways to make that information stick in your brain!

Like it or not. Learning involves remembering a lot of things. You can be cramming for an exam or learning a new skill. But, you do have to depend on your memory in all cases. Now picking up a skill requires practice. And, repetition essentially means that you are training your long term memory to recognize a pattern. I’ll mention 3 ways to make that information stick in your brain!

You will never be good enough and it’s okay

So, I was watching some coding videos trying to absorb as much information I can and got frustrated and stopped. Also, I got tired and sleepy and bored. There’s a limit to which a man can absorb information in a day. But then I came over this medium article. Now the article is in terms […]

3 reasons why you probably are not as smart

As human beings we love gossips. Another thing we love is to tell ourselves that we are the one who thinks rationally and everything else is stupid. Okay, might not be to that extent. But, you get what I’m trying to get at. We love commenting on everything. From the design of a motorcycle to the government policies.

Top 5 places to spend time online that will make you smarter

The Internet is our guilty pleasure. Yes, it has a wealth of knowledge but instead of tapping into it, we usually procrastinate by spending our time on useless content. Here’s a thing about us. We don’t have an infinite amount of time. We won’t live forever. So, the amount of time we have here may […]

My generation’s Quarter Life Crisis

If you quickly Google “the most depressed generation”. Results suggesting that our generation (Millennials and Gen Z) pop up along with some research papers trying to explain why.

Stop chasing happiness

The general advice we receive when we are down is to stop being sad and be happy instead. Or worse, go on a road trip or something. What ends up happening instead is even if you gain momentary pleasure on the trip at some point, you’re going to be miserable throughout the trip. Why does […]

Embracing imperfection

Here’s the truth about all of us. We are never satisfied with what we produce. Remember that idea that was so perfect in your head? But, when you tried to execute it, it sucked. Or, you probably didn’t even try due to your fear of failure.