Dear future wife, 2

Dear future wife,

I don’t know how I met you. And, I’d admit I might have had more than a couple of girls who I thought would be in your place.

I am a flawed being. If you and I are married, then it means you stuck long enough with them and you know what those are. As I’m writing this, I’m working on many aspects of my life, often failing. I wonder if the one you met is a different person than the one who is writing this now and wonder if you fell in love with him. Some other version of me.

You know, I don’t want to talk about me much. But, I don’t know anything about you. One thing I do know is, I have a habit of not settling for less. These days, I much rather prefer to be friends with women and maintain a healthy distance. Well, my last committed relationship was pretty scaring and I don’t want to repeat shit like that and so at the moment I feel as though I’d rather die alone ..

So, if you and I are together, it does mean … that we have been together for a while and that I love you dearly and care about you. I’m saying all this assuming my core value system is still intact in my distant future where you and I are together.

There are very few people that I let truly in. You are one of them. So, you must be something very special to me.

See, as of writing this, I’m not very keen on romantic relationships. I have somethings inside me that need to be taken care of first. Wounds to heal, scars to fade…. but.. I am looking forward to meeting you soon …

I can bet that you are an wonderful human being though. I have a hunch. 🙂

Also, I don’t know how much is there to be said in letters. I have written all my life so far and so forth and I am getting tired of words. I seek to create experiences nowadays. And, I hope you and I create some memorable experiences that we can cherish until we dissipate.

Yours truly,


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