DOTA 2 v/s League of Legends(in-depth comparison) 2

DOTA 2 v/s League of Legends(in-depth comparison)

Gamers like us have at least once made this comparison or something like this. Maybe DOTA vs League, or PUBG vs Fortnite, or CS GO vs Call of Duty, etc. I’m a gamer that wants to try out as many games as possible and I’ve tried many games. And by many, I mean most of the free-to-play games. Obviously, I’m not spending money to get games in the steam-market or something. But the games that are free-to-play are almost always on my try list.

Although I explore many genres, MOBA has been and always will be my favorite. DOTA 2 and League of Legends are the games that I’ve spent my most time on. And you might want to call me an expert on the topic as well since I’ve already written my views on this topic earlier on this same website here. I have my reasons for playing each of the games.

Well, for the comparison, this time around I’m going to make the gameplay and mechanics comparison. By the way, these terms of DOTA and LoL that are same: Tower = Turret, Hero = Champion, Pure Damage = True Damage, Physical Damage = Attack Damage, Magical Damage = Ability Power, Creep = Minion, Seize Creep = Cannon Minion, Nuker = Assassin, Paper = Squishy

1. Yes, DOTA(DOTA 2) is a hard game to play.

But LoL(League of Legends) isn’t easy either. To be honest, DOTA is really slow paced. An average DOTA game lasts 30-40 minutes while an average LoL game lasts 20-30 minutes. This data is taken from high tier games. In lower tiers, games tend to last longer in both the games, making it 40-50 minutes for DOTA and 40-45 minutes for LoL.

2. There are a lot of skill-shots in LoL.

If you don’t know what skill-shot is, you’re probably a DOTA player. So basically, a skill-shot is an ability like Mirana’s Sacred Arrow that might miss if not an experienced player. Seriously, tell me 10 skill-shots from DOTA. There are not that many. But when you dive into LoL, there are many skill-shots. almost every Hero/Champion has at least one skill-shot.

3. Now comes the game pace.

Both of these games include fighting the opponents obviously. But the thing is the game pace of LoL is way faster than DOTA. A team fight in DOTA lasts longer than a team fight in LoL. To be honest, the mages in LoL kill an enemy way faster than a nuker in DOTA. If you’re a squishy target, you’ll get one-shotted. You might ask if you get one-shotted, how do you even play the game. Trust me, I normally play Heroes like Jinx and Kai’Sa(both are really squishy/paper) in LoL and if you know what you’re doing, you don’t get one-shotted.

4. None of the DOTA carry players buy wards normally unless they are playing invisible Heroes.

So the job of warding and vision control totally depends on support. The reason why LoL’s warding and vision control is way better is that all players get wards for free. Now imagine a Juggernaut that gets free ward to avoid ganks and farm freely. Now that happens in LoL.

5. Denying creeps or towers is an awesome thing to do in DOTA.

But in LoL, there is no denying, neither creeps nor towers. To LoL players: denying means killing your own creep or tower. The opponent gets no gold and less experience from the creep. As of towers, if you last hit your own tower, the opponent gets no gold. So that’s a plus point for DOTA.

6. Free-to-play aspect is seen way better in DOTA since all heroes are free to play.

But there’s a reason you need to buy Heroes in LoL. Imagine an Invoker in your game who doesn’t know all his combos. Let me be blunt about it, the players you call Injoker. How frustrating is it? Too much, right? What if you had an in-game currency that you earn just by playing the game and need to buy Invoker at a very high currency. The ones that don’t know how to play the Hero might never buy it, right? That’s the reason you need to buy Heroes in LoL.

7. Hardware requirements can influence a lot of player base.

To be honest, right now, LoL runs on almost every Computer/Laptop. The requirements are too low right now. Like I used to play LoL on my 1st Generation Intel i5 with 55-65 FPS(Frames per Second). Now try that with DOTA, what do you say? How much FPS would DOTA yield in such a setup?

8. Many items in DOTA are usable.

Like Black King Bar, Blade Mail, etc. Compare it to LoL, there are many passive items and limited active items. Most of the items just give passive unique stats.

9. There is a feature called Arcade in DOTA featuring various types of gameplay rather than just MOBA like Spin Tower Defense, DOTA Auto Chess, DOTA Run, etc.

In League, all I can do is wait for a couple of month before I get to play a Rotating Game Mode which is disappointing as fuck like I want to play One for All and they only let me play Ascension. I hate that about LoL.


Isn’t it fascinating? We people who should stand as a single community are fighting each other claiming their own games as the best. While we are discussing DOTA v/s LoL, games like Fortnite are taking the viewerships from these games as their own. Due to the toxicity between our communities, many popular streamers once started playing Fortnite and the game rose to its popularity. There is no answer to which game is better. There shouldn’t be either. Both games are good as per their player base. To me, I’ll take LoL any day instead of DOTA but DOTA is the first MOBA I played and I don’t want to forget about it at all. Well, that’s it for me now. See you guys in another article. Peace.

All credits to Riot Games and Valve.

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