depression is not sadness

fighting a duel — with an invisible enemy

Have you ever lied down in bed unable to move just because something inside you feels broken? But then you move on. Things get better. A bad day is always followed by a good day. 

But what if that is not the case? defines depression as

 “The act of pressing down on something is called making a depression, and when people suffer from psychological depression that is often what it feels like — the world itself is pressing down on them.”

Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky puts it beautifully in his lecture.

“It’s a biochemical disorder with a genetic component with early exposure experiences that make it so someone can’t appreciate sunsets”

Those of us who are fighting with depression tend to push people away and say things that we don’t really mean because something deep down is hurting us. Think of it like, if you hit your toe on a table and your friend says something funny, the response that comes out of your mouth isn’t going to be pretty. Except for those of us who suffer from depression, the pain isn’t only physical, it’s a deep emotional pain that shows physical manifestation. 

If you are going through depression, most people don’t and won’t understand it. It’s something that they’ve never felt. It’s like a cancer patient trying to explain to us what cancer is like. We can read about it, watch some informational videos on how to deal with cancer patients and what not but we will never be able to understand how cancer feels and what it does unless we suffer from it. 

All your achievements feel nothing. You would be on the stage, and everyone is cheering for you and yet it feels nothing. 

We also can’t hide in our rooms forever. Suicide is an option but we all have someone that we’re gonna leave hurting in the process that is gonna be deeply affected by our decision. We have to be able to fight this invisible enemy. And it’s not easy. It’s not easy at all. You run out of mental energy and give up at times. It’s okay. 

Some things that can be done while battling it are

  • Find the right psychiatrist
  • Explain to your friend why you behave the way you do
  • Meditate 
  • Write your feelings down on a piece of paper
  • Cognitive Behvorial therapy
  • Control your diet 
  • Exercise  
  • Understand that whatever you are feeling is not the reality, it’s your depression clouding your better judgment and sense

It’s hard.  Even when you know what to do, to find the energy to do all those things is hard. I think instead of expecting the change in a blink of an eye, we should focus on one change at a time.

I will be applying few generally accepted scientific and spiritual approach to cope as well as manage this invisible enemy we have on our personal life.  I will be recording my progress on this blog. Do subscribe, to be updated!

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