Fear of Missing Out

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Merriam Webster describes FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) as  

fear of not being included in something (such as an interesting or enjoyable activity) that others are experiencing.

This happens to all of us on a day to day basis. You see photos of your friends traveling, on Facebook and you can’t wait to plan your next trip to Mustang. You see your friends hooking up via Tinder. And, you can’t wait to play the swipe game, not knowing that if you have a choice between 1000s of people, it’s way more crippling than when we limit ourselves with a single choice. Your friends are blogging and you can’t wait to start your blog. 

“The existence of multiple alternatives makes it easy for us to imagine alternatives that don’t exist—alternatives that combine the attractive features of the ones that do exist. And to the extent that we engage our imaginations in this way, we will be even less satisfied with the alternative we end up choosing. So, once again, a greater variety of choices actually makes us feel worse.”  – Barry Schwartz, The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less

 FOMO is often what drives people to try to accumulate as many experiences as possible, but it simultaneously robs those same experiences of any significance or lasting meaning. The reason is that FOMO causes people to make their decisions based not on the reality of the experience, but rather the imagined experience. – Mark Manson

There is always something that you are going to miss out in life. You cannot try everything. As Mark Manson puts it 

Commitment > Choices

Depth makes you credible, and depth comes from commitment to a person/job/practice/trade over a period of time.

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