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Identifying bullies in the guise of teachers who make their students’ life a living hell

I was born in a teacher’s family. My dad used to be a teacher. My mom used to be a teacher. My uncles, my cousins have all been teachers. Their friends are teachers. I personally wanted to change this course and do something else in life. But, I’m not totally oblivious to the profession. I might take on the job when I feel psychologically and emotionally ready. I don’t at the moment. There is no denying that some people are in the profession not because they love teaching in general. But, because, it’s the job they could lay their hands on and, for many others, they love the power access it gives them.

Power abuse by people in the position of power is not a new thing. It happens in all professions and all fields from governmental bureaucratic positions to the corporate world. And, teaching world isn’t free from this problem either. Research shows that people with dark personalities are attracted to power like bugs are attracted to light. People with narcissistic personality disorder are often accepted in powerful positions i.e. the positions where an individual exerts power over other individuals.

The identification of abusive behavior is often difficult due to the fact that these rats are clever enough to make those weaker than them suffer but portray themselves as a messiah to the upper management.

So, what do these rats have in common?

  • These rats are show-offs. They like talking big about themselves. They have a sense of grandiose.
  • These rats usually single out their victim and repeatedly torture them. They bully or punish the same set of students over and over again. These can be students who don’t talk much or students who have poor grades etc.
  • They love humiliating or shaming their victims in front of their classmates.
  • They make sarcastic comments or jokes on their students.
  • They publicly criticize their students.
  • They sometimes even brag about their abuse if they know they can get away with it.

How to deal with a bully teacher?

If you are young, you can talk to your parents. But, most parents are useless and shouldn’t even be parents in the first place so you should start documenting the incidents and follow up the chain of command. But, then again there’s a ‘circle-jerk’ that goes in this profession. And, they might not listen to you.

Usually, remaining calm helps, and talking confidently with the bullies. Don’t insult them but be confident enough to show them that whatever they do and say does not affect you. They just love to pick on the weaker.

If you can take legal help when things go that bad. Don’t hesitate.

I mean I would personally love to see these psychopaths die brutal deaths but then again I can’t suggest that you kill your teachers so. meh.

Teaching is not for everybody

The problem these days is management is taking teaching position lightly and anybody and everybody are getting hired as a teacher. Yes, there are great teachers and good teachers who help their students not only academically but also in their overall development. But, having a bad teacher in this day and age is worse than not having a teacher at all. Because we now have an option to learn things online using platforms like ‘khanacademy’ and what not. But, we can’t shy away from the fact that a great mentor makes learning a breeze.

And, good teachers are not only found out in academic settings. They can be found in different places ranging from friends, family, boot camps, training institutes et cetera. I’ve mentioned the problems with the typical traditional learning route in my article ‘is college worth it?’.

I think before hiring someone a teacher, management has to check if they have a temperament to become a teacher or not.

A good teacher is the one who inspires her students. Furthermore, a bad teacher is the one who doesn’t actually listen or doesn’t try to understand her students.

Abdullah Noori

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