is college worth it

Is college worth it?

Frustrated, I posted in one of the facebook groups that I’m in and the responses were varied. They ranged from “A waste of time, money and resources” to “Best 8 years of my life”. But what do I think? Is college worth it?

First, let’s talk about some good things

You get to learn things in college that you otherwise would not or at least you are forced to. Or, at least you get to be familiar with the given topics. And, you get to decide which subjects you would love to explore more in the future for your future endeavor.

The tests let you examine your recalling capabilities. As much as we hate tests, they let us know that we probably don’t know about a subject or a topic as much as we think we do. It teaches us humility.

On top of that, you get to make friends and socialize. We get to do teamwork where no one works but hey at least you get to hang out with real people. That aspect of college is fine.

So, what’s the problem?

That the education system is extremely broken and it’ll take millenniums to get it fixed.

What do I mean by broken?

We are the most educated generation and least skilled.

Why is it so?

Because we fail miserably at the practicality of theories we learn. Where do I implement it? How do I implement it?

Most computer science/engineering graduates can’t code. Yeah, we can brush it off by saying computer science is a different discipline than programming but nobody joins computer science with aspirations of being a computer scientist. Or is there an alternative course for people who want to be programmers?

You learn a bit of everything… that in the end, you learn nothing really.

I often hear programmers (both parties: those who claim that they loved college and those who claim that they hated) say things like, “Oh, I learned everything I do on the job.” Add “College is more about learning various different things.”

I mean if that is not the Stockholm syndrome then what is it? If you had to learn everything on the job then you could have started working early and saved your 4 years of college?

I know the catch-22 situation here as well. Some fields STEM and Medical require a degree and rightfully so. But some don’t but employers would still prefer someone with a degree to be safe.

But, they still expect the graduates to have the skills only someone who dropped out of college and did invest to hone all day long to craft that skill would have.

So, I guess my next article would be how our employment system is broken.

7 thoughts on “Is college worth it?”

  1. Namaste Abhishek,

    I really loved this post on education! I’m from England and currently living in Nepal. I believe education is great for everyone and should be accessible to all. However what I’ve noticed and concerns me is not just the lack of implementation of theories into the workplace.

    It’s also those who are more hands on learners and are not good with exams or coursework however they excel in practical work. It upsets me as both countries I’ve noticed especially want the youth to have experience in certain fields. Some is not possible without a degree first. I feel there should be a way that not just we can implement what we learn into college into jobs. But also ways for those who aren’t academics to be able learn snippets on the job. In order to maximise the skill set of the future generation.

    Similarly, not just academically some don’t have the money to finance themselves through college and therefore also
    limiting their job opportunities.

    Look forward to reading more,

    1. I agree. Those who are good at practicals, usually don’t do well in exams. And, there are students no skill whatsoever rote memorize and get all As. The system needs to fix this. Because it’s also a disservice to those students getting 4.0/4.0 GPA .. when they go to the market, they’ll soon realize .. they didn’t pick up the skills they needed to survive.

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