Poetry, me and three things I have learned.

Well, what are the odds huh? Even a cracked up, twisted, zig-zag like me started poetry. Rather than being too poetic from start here in this post, I would like to share an experience about me swimming in the ocean of words. Butwal, the one and only place that comprises my accreditation for my start and joy of poetry. An extrovert by nature and spontaneity is my way of doing things, I traveled Butwal with my confidant. A 3-day trip extended into 7 days of stay. Euphoria is the word for the reminisces of the emotion at that time. Plato maybe was right about his quote, “Every man is a poet when he is in love.” But since he didn’t quite clearly put that person being in love with anything particular. Is it a person, a thing or a place?

Those three things

But, yeah Butwal it is. Along the article, I write here will have something peculiar I have developed in me and found within my time of poetry writing.

1. Nudity

Here goes the three N(s). How awesome does it feel to be loved the way you are, not a question being raised on our traits and no need to chew the maybe harsh comments on our style of doing chores to put up with the so-called normality? Trust me, Normal is boring. And, what bores you is cancer. You die a loathful death. Poetry is about getting naked while maintaining tranquility. Each time you write, you become more of an insider than living out the skin of your body. The analogy of nakedness here is quite narcissistic. But also an epithet of the evolution of the soul. The more I kept on writing, the more I became soulful and filled with vigor. What I try to paint here is the same old constricted mind getting deciphered into the open universe of randomness and where believing is the first step and acceptance is the second.

2. Nullness

Ah, the time we go really mad and all the whims within us mold into ink and spill on the paper. We are conceited and are really back the stage at the time of action. Considerably a point of time where we think we are the best we can find for this decision or “I DO NOT need any of you rascals to teach me how to do my business”. Something like that is what I used to be yesterday. I’m still conceited but I have gone and been to that state of fantasy where I am totally empty and to be certain here, all the inquisitions and my indignation have come to an end. Nothing but absolution. The zero!

3. Nether-ness

Yet another fraudulent tactics from me to attract into reading this piece of bullshit but c’mon lads. You have gone far with shit-reading, just a little left to savor. Nether, is the place or position where its plain ground and placid sand. The muzziness in your head drops to ‘0’ because you already reach the oblivion. The ground zero experiment where its like this; you are silent and you feel the vibration of silence even if you are in the mosh pit and there are people banging their heads enjoying the music. Pretty whimsical but yeah the quality of this duality is my state of normality.

Throughout the time of writing till this time of write, it has been 8 months. I am a 23 years old took the first step of entrance into the ‘MATRIX’ in 1996 A.D. and yeah it makes me a 23 year old douchebag which I am by choice yet it makes me think that my soul is million years old.

Tough at the beginning is what they say, but all the guidance, assistance and inspiration came from my notable friends particularly can be counted with fingers of my right hand. Yes, the journey has been really awesome and its more awesome because I am trying poetry in my mother tongue(Nepali) so yeah, another day another drift. Okay, so long the avid readers, writers and some who love writing and have not started yet. You can’t know the pain until you cut and bleed. Trust me, get some cuts and wounds. You need a cigarette in one hand and a pen in another. Go live just don’t exist.

Note: This is a guest post written by CJScarwls.

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