Why Everything You Know About ALPHA MALE traits Is A Lie

“Why Everything You Know About ALPHA MALE traits Is A Lie”. Interesting claim, I know. I’ll try to make it worth your read and not just another click bait with no substance.

Is PUBG ban really the solution?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has caused a lot of noise recently. Some people seem to be playing it for hours losing track of time and it has raised concerns amongst parents, schools, colleges and even governments at this point. You will come across news articles such as Man Leaves Pregnant Wife Because of PUBG Addiction and […]

The censorship of thoughts

In a democracy, people should be able to criticize their governments without fear. But, the truth is, quite on the contrary. Enter the vague bills that use vague language to keep the masses confused. People shouldn’t have to think twice before criticizing the big brother. I mean, we make fun of hidden “terms and conditions” […]