Is PUBG ban really the solution?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has caused a lot of noise recently. Some people seem to be playing it for hours losing track of time and it has raised concerns amongst parents, schools, colleges and even governments at this point. You will come across news articles such as Man Leaves Pregnant Wife Because of PUBG Addiction and […]

What font to use for your next presentation?

What font to use for your next presentation? There are too many fonts out there in the wild. If you look at the drop-down menu of your word processor, there are a wide variety of fonts. And if you further go down the internet font rabbit hole, your options are limitless.

Is programming the ‘English’ of the future?

Credit’s where credit is due. This post was inspired by someone from the non-IT field who wants to learn how to code. She particularly used the phrase “English of the future”. Borrowing from her, is programming the English of the future?

Top 5 Free Resources to learn html/css fast

Now I know, browsers suck. Trying to make your design work in all browsers is too much for you, you’d rather stick to the backend. Or, you are somebody who wants to code a personal website for yourself. Whoever you are, you need HTML and CSS.