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The censorship of thoughts

In a democracy, people should be able to criticize their governments without fear. But, the truth is, quite on the contrary. Enter the vague bills that use vague language to keep the masses confused. People shouldn’t have to think twice before criticizing the big brother.

I mean, we make fun of hidden “terms and conditions” of social networking websites and how jargon-filled they are. They’re an unreadable mess at best. Wait! What about the laws that govern our society? Try going through them once.

What is the point of technical jargons? To hide the information. The more information you want to hide, the more unreadable mess you produce. I mean I’m guilty of this as well. Read any on my college reports, it’s just 16-17 pages of “I’m just bullshiting you in passive tense, bro”.

This piece from JSTOR article on technical jargons sums up what I’m trying to covey.

William D. Lutz talks about how jargon and doublespeak can often be carefully designed to cover up embarrassing or secret information. For example, a commercial airline that had a 727 crash, killing three passengers, was able to pass off the resulting three million dollar insurance profit on its books as “the involuntary conversion of a 727,” which was unlikely to be questioned by confused shareholders whose eyes would probably have glazed over from the cumbersome legal jargon.


What’s the hidden agenda? What does content deemed “unsuitable on the grounds of morality and decency” even mean?

Manipulation of language as a means of mind control

If thoughts can corrupt language, language can also corrupt thoughts.

George Orwell

Geroge Orwell has given us fantastic novels such as ‘1984’ and the ‘Animal Farm’. His writings remind of the various governments of our times (including ours truly) and how we are progressing towards what is typically thought of as an “Orwellian dystopia”.

The government in 1984 controls information, history, and technology along with mind control to have control of thoughts of their citizens.

Rings a bell?


Newspeak is a fictional language created by Orwell for the novel that demonstrates how manipulating language can manipulate thoughts. If there is no word for “freedom”, how would you express the idea of “freedom”?

If you want to read more on it then Refer to this essay.

On Censorship

Censoring something has only made it more powerful. They’ve censored books, thoughts, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and we’ve taken it back every time.

But, it’s important to be cautious of the manipulation tactics and to know who not to vote next time around.

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