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Top 5 good songs that you probably haven’t heard

In a world of hot 100s and top radio chart songs, we often miss some really good songs by artists that have a really small, loyal and niche fanbase. It’s not that these songs are not good but rather often due to marketing reasons go unheard by a more mainstream audience. So let’s list our top 5 songs that you probably haven’t heard.

The list is in no particular order. I love all of these songs equally but some songs may be more equal than others ๐Ÿ˜‰ [‘Animal Farm’ novel by George Orwell reference]

1. Sleeping At Last – “Saturn”

The haunting music at the beginning of this song draws you in. And the music video adds to the music. And, when you the vocal starts, you can’t help but fall in love with this song.

2. The Paper Kites – Donโ€™t Keep Driving

Paper Kites is a rather well-known indie band. You probably might have heard their “bloom”. I love this song because it’s different than their usual stuff. The lyrics are beautiful as well.

“There’s nothing wrong with a little space but not right now, don’t leave”

3. MISSIO – Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea

This song sounds like it was taken straight out of fantasy novel with pirates and what not. The electronic instruments with that voice sound so epic. It’s like you’ve transported yourself to vikings era.

4. Paolo Nutini – Better Man

I don’t know if this guy is really high or really depressed in the video or he has poured all his soul into his music but whatever it is, this song is really good with beautiful lyrics and his voice is so good. “She makes me smile, she thinks the way I think. That girl makes me wanna be better.”

5. William Fitzsimmons “It’s Not True”

This song is so soothing. It makes me feel like even if everything goes haywire in life, you can still be laid back and say, so be it.

“Everyday’s another chance to bury my regret Everyday’s another chance to make it but I can’t”

So, what did you think of the list? Had you heard any of these before? And, also if you want to leave me some song suggestions. Feel free to do that in the comment section. ๐Ÿ™‚

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