Is college worth it?

Frustrated, I posted in one of the facebook groups that I’m in and the responses were varied. They ranged from “A waste of time, money and resources” to “Best 8 years of my life”. But what do I think? Is college worth it? First, let’s talk about some good things You get to learn things […]

Winter is ending, GoT season 8 first teaser is out

GoT’s first official teaser is out. The teaser is named “Crypts of Winterfell”. As for what this teaser entails, I would love you to experience that for yourself. HBO announced that the season premiere would be on April 14th. So, that would be three months from now. Please follow and like us:

Are aliens sending us mysterious signals?

New news has hit the interwebs. Apparently, some telescope in Canada received 13 high bursts of radio waves coming from 1.5 billion light years away.

Poetry, me and three things I have learned.

Well, what are the odds huh? Even a cracked up, twisted, zig-zag like me started poetry. Rather than being too poetic from start here in this post, I would like to share an experience about me swimming in the ocean of words. Butwal, the one and only place that comprises my accreditation for my start […]

That one new year resolution that doesn’t ever fail

Truth to be told, I was always someone who made fun of new year resolutions. They simply don’t work. Now there is a science behind why they don’t work but always hiding behind own’s comfort zone and using the excuse that most resolutions fail is also equally fucked up as much as expecting oneself to […]

Draw my life (except I don’t know how to draw)

Okay, they say writing your feelings down can be therapeutic. Let’s try it out. They also say that you should share your feelings. I usually don’t know how to express my feelings because I myself don’t understand what is it that I am feeling often times. Or, even I when I do, I fear judgment and hold things back.