You will never be good enough and it’s okay

So, I was watching some coding videos trying to absorb as much information I can and got frustrated and stopped. Also, I got tired and sleepy and bored. There’s a limit to which a man can absorb information in a day. But then I came over this medium article. Now the article is in terms of programming but I think it can be applied to life in general. You will never be good enough and it’s okay.

As I’ve mentioned in my Dunning Kruger article, we are really bad at estimating our competence. We estimate very positively and things don’t work out. We put too much in our plates and try to shove all of that down our throats and that is hard.

I think the best bet we have is to keeping moving forward and not looking back. Yes, you feel tired. Yes, you need a break. But keep moving forward. Don’t push yourself to the point of exhaustion but see if you can do a little more than you did before. I’ve mentioned something similar in my Kaizen article where I talk about continious improvement and how it helped Toyota become what it is.

The only real competetion is you

Now, this is common sense or should be by 2018. Trying to compare yourself with those better than you, brings unnecessary pain and the only real competition is you, yourself. Have you become better than you were yesterday by your standards? Yes? Then you’re good to go. No? Then, keep working.

Also, give yourself some break

Don’t get too worked up. A healthy distraction from work or school work is good. As long as mindless consumption of tv series is not all you’re doing, all the time. You will get much more done when you are calm and clear then when you’re all worked up.

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